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Looney Tunes Back in Action
 Sorry for the bad scans the cards look much better in person.
Base Set $3.99
Box Loader set $ 3.99  3 card set

Master Set $800.00 Includes Lonney Tunes back in action trading cards set.
You are bidding on a Looney Tunes Back In Action Master Set. You will get the complete base set,
 the Case Topper card, the 3 card box loader set, the 9 card foil "Official Looney Tunes Tours Cards",
The 6 card "Acme Cards" insert set, the extremely limited to 300 special multi-case purchase
Poker Chips. All three Orange,Yellow , Blue. Auto’s included are Steve Martin, Heather Locklear,
 Brendan Fraiser,  Jenna Elfman, the director Joe Dante, the wrestler Bill  Goldberg and the guys who
play the Warner Bros, Dan & Don Stanton.   You will get the 8 Auto's & 8 redeemed cards, Only have
 been punch holed by Inkworks.  There will be no Addressees written in the redemption cards.  
Empty Hobby Box, promo card, Sell Sheet & wrappers.  
There was only 50 Yellow back in action casino chips

All 8 Auto's part of Master Set.                Case Topper
 Acme Card Set                                            Tour Card Set
 Base set with promo sell box wrappers     Box Loader 3 card set
      Blue Chip                       Orange                       Yellow
 Two Promo Car Show        8   Autos